Flap Discs - from 40 grit Ceramics to Mirror Polishing

Use the filters down the side to select from our complete range of abrasive flap discs. Here are a few suggestions of some of our more popular products:

  • For weld Prep Grinding on Steel or Stainless Steel we recommend the?FHCC Cibo Ceramic flap discs
  • For tig weld removal on stainless steel balustrades the RCD medium flap discs
  • For satin finishing how about the MAG grade 5 or for light weld removal and pre-polishing scale why not try the MAG grade 6 discs.
  • For mirror polishing pre-finish with the SAG grade 5 then use our VAP felt discs with polishing soap.
Flap Discs - from 40 grit Ceramics to Mirror Polishing

Flap Discs - from 40 grit Ceramics to Mirror Polishing FAQs

  • Which flap discs should I choose for general sheet metal work?

    Sheet metal fabrication tends to be about finer and higher quality finishing.? For a general purpose flap disc which will leave a good finish we would recommend a good quality zirconia, 80 grit flap disc such as our FSC (115mm?sku:? FSC/80/115).??


    If you then need to refine the finish or if you need to leave a brighter finish then a unitised density 6 disc such as our MAG products (115mm sku:? MAG/6/115) has the power to refine the P80 sanding marks and leave a clean, brught finish.? The MAG disc can also be used on finer tig welds to remove and shape the weld when required.

  • What is an RCD Combination disc?

    This is one of our favourite products.? The RCD combination flap disc uses the agression of the abrasive cloth, in combination with the surface conditioning material to reduce the number of steps you need to take to get from a weld to a final finish.??


    For more information follow this link:? RCD Combi Disc page

  • Can I mirror polish with flap discs?

    Yes you can; but as with all polishing processes?you will need to?be careful.


    On stainless steel the easiest way to learn how to do that is to use a Cibo Time Saving Kit, Set 6?which not only has all the products you need in one box but also gives detailed instructions on how to achieve a high quality mirror finish (follow the link here:? TSK/06?).


    On aluminium in particular?heat is not your friend.? Allow the metal to get too hot and you will create an orange peel effect on the metal surface which will have to be ground back again.? To solve this we recommend.?


    1. If you can use a variable speed grinder to reduce the disc speed.
    2. Use greasy polishing compounds such as our green PV/101.


    With the above proviso a good mirror polish can be achieved using a soft unitised disc such as our SA grade 5 followed by a felt disc such as our VAP disc which you can select from ther list above?(note:? we no longer make felt discs as 'flap discs' as they have a very poor life / performance, particularly when approaching edges).

  • What is a Unitised Flap Disc?

    Developed by Cibo the unitised flap discs (technically they don't really have flaps at all!!) are designed for fine finishing and grinding applications.? For example:

    On steel with a fine tig weld:? Use the MAG 6 disc to remove the weld and create a bright finish which is more than fine enough for wet painting or powder coating

    On Stainless Steel:? SAG grade 5 will refine a medium or very fine combination disc and leave a pre-polished / semi-bright finish.

    On aluminium:? SAG 5 will remove light scratches and radius edges to leave a smooth, clean finish.

  • What is an Abrasive Flapper Disc?

    Flapper discs are another commonly used term for abrasive flap discs.

    Flapper discs are made by laminating flaps of abrasive strip onto a glass fibre or plastic backing plate to create a flap or 'flapper disc'.??

    Abrasive flapper discs are therefore available with ceramic, zirconia or the Cibo RCD combination options.